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Is it Thursdeee yet? No? Well here’s a throwback anyways. lol!! I’m the cutie in my mamas arms @xonouu #imissmyaleebaba 😢#nouyouwerecutewhathappened
"I’ve been sleepin all day, mommy woke me up and gave me a bath cause she said I was a stankkkin’" lol  #lovebug #kennedycaluen
I have so much of you in my heart.
- John Keats (via satins)

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Posted 1 Sep
Daddy loves binding time with baby k
Figured it was time to start my postpartum workout. Them curves won’t shape themselves. Go time!
I promise take care of you, to be there for you, for every bad or good days you may have, I love you more than you will ever know. My love only grows bigger and bigger everyday. I love you pookie pie. #kennedycaluen
He sits still while daddy reads him his books. #futuresmartiepants #kennedycaluen
Lmao!!!!!! “Noooo daddy, no more lullabies!!!!! ” @k_phommavongsa